Essences of Cardamom, Orange Blossom, Oakmoss & Cashmere Musk

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Begin an exhilarating voyage of the senses with Tavernier. Its vibrant citrus opening of bergamot and uplifting notes of cardamom awaken your senses, evoking a sense of anticipation and adventure. As the fragrance unfolds, the delicate orange blossom adds a touch of elegance and allure. The grounding presence of vetiver, cedarwood and oakmoss provides a comforting and earthy embrace, instilling a feeling of confidence and connection to nature.

Let Tavernier transport you to the majestic landscapes of France, where the spirit of exploration and poetic beauty intertwine.

- Top Bergamot, incense, cardamom

- Heart Orange blossom, violet, jasmine

- Base Vetiver, cedarwood, oakmoss, cashmere musk

Our Murano-designed glass containers from Venice are 100% recyclable. We encourage you to repurpose O&G glass candle jars as stylish accents in your home or office, adding an elegant touch to any space.

France holds special memories for Isa, having spent many family holidays exploring her cities and regions. The beauty and richness of the landscape and its abundance serves as a backdrop, from the glamourous fringes of the Côte d’Azur to the masterful architectural triumphs that add to her splendour.

Tavernier was created to capture the essence of France during her most brilliant season – the Spring, as an ode to the majesty of the ‘Sun King’– daring, sensitive and deeply lyrical.

- Vegan
- Cruelty Free
- Made in the UK
- O&G Satisfaction Guarantee

- 240gr
- 45hrs Burn Time

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hand made in england

We source global ingredients, handcrafting candles with 100% soy wax and Egyptian cotton wicks. Our Murano-designed glass containers epitomize timeless elegance, made in Harrogate, UK.



Our meticulously crafted packaging transforms your sensory experience. Each box and container is a masterpiece, designed to enhance your journey and ignite anticipation.


an olfactory experience

Rooted in Grasse, France, our expert perfumers meticulously blend natural essences and innovative compounds, crafting timeless symphonies that evoke emotions and stir memories.

When mother Nature scatters Her most intoxicating scents, I always feel as if She’s revealing Her heart. That’s what I tried to do with Tavernier- to capture that essence.”

Isa Harrington–Johnson

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