Essences of Rose De Mai, Saffron, Sandalwood & Incense

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Indulge in the rousing allure of Diadem, a fragrance inspired by the heroic spirit of ancient Greece. Like a precious diadem adorning a noble head, it brings forth the essence of beauty and bravery. Saffron and black pepper set the stage, evoking the warmth of Greek spices. The heart unfolds with a triumphant bouquet of Rose de mai, Turkish rose, and Bulgarian rose, exuding an intoxicating charm. Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of incense, amber and sandalwood, leaving a lingering trail of voluptuous and seductive aromas.

Diadem is an invitation to embrace your inner hero and celebrate the timeless elegance of Greek heritage. 

Saffron, black pepper

Rose de mai, turkish rose, bulgarian rose

Incense, amber, sandalwood, patchouli

Our Murano-designed glass containers from Venice are 100% recyclable. We encourage you to repurpose O&G glass candle jars as stylish accents in your home or office, adding an elegant touch to any space.

Diadem, derived from the Greek word for 'headdress,' captures the essence of a cherished piece of jewelry reserved for special occasions. Inspired by Isa's fascination with Greek architecture and her explorations throughout the captivating landscapes of Greece, from the picturesque Ionian coast to the ancient treasures of Delphi. Diadem represents the harmonious fusion of timeless beauty and heroic spirit, seamlessly blending the past and present.

A fragrance that weaves through the senses, enveloping you in its voluptuous and seductive aromas.

- Vegan
- Cruelty Free
- Made in the UK
- O&G Satisfaction Guarantee

- 240gr
- 45hrs Burn Time

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hand made in england

We source global ingredients, handcrafting candles with 100% soy wax and Egyptian cotton wicks. Our Murano-designed glass containers epitomize timeless elegance, made in Harrogate, UK.



Our meticulously crafted packaging transforms your sensory experience. Each box and container is a masterpiece, designed to enhance your journey and ignite anticipation.


an olfactory experience

Rooted in Grasse, France, our expert perfumers meticulously blend natural essences and innovative compounds, crafting timeless symphonies that evoke emotions and stir memories.

For me, Diadem signifies the majesty of Hellenistic antiquity – garlands, wreaths and festivals, which is why I chose three different varieties of rose for this blend, to pay homage to a favourite flower.

Isa Harrington–Johnson