Our story

awakening emotions and creating extraordinary memories

A story where the principles behind design, function, and beauty unfold to create fragrance harmony

Luxury Meets Emotion

Introducing Oswald & Grey, where luxury meets emotion. Our niche fragrance house goes beyond scent, crafting immersive experiences that resonate deeply with your soul. With a proud British heritage and a commitment to artistic excellence, we believe in the power of fragrance to evoke memories, stir emotions, and transport you to extraordinary realms.

Immerse yourself in our meticulously crafted scents, designed to enhance your everyday moments with an exquisite touch of understated elegance. Discover the transformative power of O&G, where each fragrance tells a unique story, inviting you to embrace a world of unparalleled sensory delight.

Isa Harrington-Johnson

Our founder Isa Harrington-Johnson, a classically trained British perfumer and interior designer, brings her passion for fragrance and artistic expression to life. With a dedication to creating unconventional and captivating scents, Isa's eponymous label reflects her unique craft and olfactory journey.

We embrace the beauty of artistic decoration and timeless aestheticism, collaborating with master craftsmen and fragrance experts to bring Isa's vision to fruition. Oswald & Grey, a name evoking subtle elegance and understated sophistication, proudly embodies Isa's proud British identity and her commitment to staying true to her roots.

Scents have a way of touching the deepest corners of our souls, invoking memories and emotions that transcend time and space. At Oswald & Grey, we craft fragrances that become the poetry of your life, intertwining moments of beauty, passion, and inspiration.

Isa Harrington-Johnson